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Aredhel, White Lady of the Noldor's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Aredhel, White Lady of the Noldor

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Hm. [20 Mar 2003|10:43pm]
I am a quiz rezult.

Whick of Tolkien's Elfmaids are you?

which quiz was made by Hannah Half-elven

So you're Aredhel, the elf maid who, against her brother's advice, went for an extended holiday and came back married, with a slightly-shady son, and your p.o.'d husband hot on your tracks.
On the plus side, you died saving your son. On the negative side, he ended up betraying everything you loved. You just can't win...

"Brother knows best" ???????? Pfffffffft.
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:D [27 Feb 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | :D :D ]

The kid is home!

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!!!! [27 Feb 2003|01:08am]
[ mood | shut up ]


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Ooooh [22 Feb 2003|01:14am]
[ mood | tight white jeans! ]

Happy Biiiirthdaaaaaaaay...

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I would like to make the population of Middle-Earth aware of the existence of the following items: [05 Feb 2003|01:32am]

Thank you, and goodnight.
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Oh! [24 Jan 2003|01:53am]
It occurrs to me that I have not posted since the day of my wedding.

Um. Hi.

Check out my new dress


Yavien calls me mama. I have no words.
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Hello. [19 Jan 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | nervous ]




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Um. [15 Jan 2003|02:13am]
[ mood | nervous ]


Maeglin has a point. Issy has a point.


How does Sunday evening sound? Anyone in the mood for a wedding?

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Your attention please. [15 Dec 2002|12:37am]


Special thanks to Curufin for supplying most of these photos.
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I have an icon that smiles. [01 Dec 2002|05:52am]
[ mood | dad is going to kill me ]

Celegorm still needs to work on his Quenya.

It was pretty cute, though. :)

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Thanksgiving or Somesuch. [28 Nov 2002|11:18pm]
[ mood | festive/hungry ]

My mun isn't American, so this doesn't really apply.


Hardly anyone has been online all day so we've had a lot of time. We've been slaving away in the kitchen all day. "We" being myself, Idril, Curufin, and that hobbit kid Caranthir adopted.


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Still worried. [08 Sep 2002|04:46pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Last time I spoke to my son, he insisted he was fine in Nan Elmoth, and that he wanted to stay there. And Amras continuously reassures me that he'll be all right. Please be all right, Lómion. ... yeah.

And I keep thinking about Eöl. A lot. We think he still has some mind control over me, or something. But there are also the memories of long walks in the forest at night, where he told me the names of all the stars, and showed me all the constellations. Nan Elmoth is a really lovely forest too. But that was all before our son was born.

I do not feel sentimental. Talking about all this stuff just makes me irritable.

Going out for a walk now.

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[31 Aug 2002|06:00pm]
[ mood | worried ]


Thank you for trying to stick up for me, Amras. But you don't have to, really. Nobody is going change Eöl's mind. ...And please don't listen to what he says about you.

And Elanor, thank you for the invitation, I'd love to visit you and Ereinon in Lindon.

I'm still here in the garden of Lorien, where Vána brought me. Supposed to be resting and such. Torn between wanting to run back to my husband immediately, and never wanting to see him again.

The only thing I'm sure of right now is that I'll be going to a wedding. One of my cousins is marrying... another of my cousins.

I feel bad for being here. I don't know where my son is. I need to know he's safe.

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Childish dreams, broken spirit. [31 Aug 2002|01:43am]
I spent most of my youth in Valinor on hunting trips with my cousins. Riding through the unspoiled woods, Celegorm always in the lead, Amrod and Amras and I following, and Huan running along beside us. We always carried more food with us than we needed, so it didn't matter if we didn't make a single kill. Not that that ever happened. We always had fresh meat, and would sit up all night around the campfire laughing and feasting.

And I took delight in the act of killing itself. Seeing a bird stop mid-flight and fall to the sky, pierced with an arrow. Or watching the look in a deer's eyes as you slit its throat, then feeling its body go limp as warm blood spills over your knife, your hand. Yes, back home they hated me for always wearing white and silver. I was very close with all my Feanorean cousins, but those three in particular. Others would come along on our hunting trips occasionally, but it was usually just us four. And maybe I had feelings that were a little beyond the boundaries of propriety for cousins. But whether or not any of those feelings were returned, they were never acted upon.

When my father's older brother declared war upon Melkor, and lead the Noldor to Middle-Earth, I was eager to follow. There would be new animals to hunt, new forests to explore. I didn't take the oath with my cousins, but I would have. Perhaps if I'd been questing for Silmarils, things would be different today.

When I first wandered into Nan Elmoth, I was young and angry. A bitter little princess who had sworn never to love anyone. And I got lost, and he found me. And why bother going back? And he was the first man who ever showed interest in me. Interest of that kind, anyway. He wanted me, I had nothing better to do. Maybe I loved him too. I think I did.

Sometimes I felt trapped, yes. I couldn't leave, I couldn't go outside and look at the sun... And sometimes he grew angry and yelled at me. Sometimes he hit me. For a while after the first time, I had dreams about my brothers or cousins coming to rescue me. The kind of romantic things a foolish little princess will dream about. I never had the courage to run, so I just sat there, waiting to be rescued. Anyway, my husband wasn't always angry. Sometimes he was very cheerful. Cute, even, though perhas no one else would see it that way. There were times when I was sure he loved me too.

The point? Eol was right. Nobody is going to rescue me from him, because I'm not worth rescuing. He's all I have now, and I'm lucky to have him.
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[30 Aug 2002|01:42am]
Husband and son.


I guess the other two have been inactive long enough.


Hi guys. Please don't kill me/yourselves/eachother.
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Observation [26 Aug 2002|04:28pm]
I have been reading fanfic.

I have a lot of sex in fanfic.

People I have the most sex with in fanfic, in order:

.........riiiiiight. ¬.¬

Other things worth noting today: My father wishes to marry me off to... someone. I'm pretty sure I'm still legally Eöl's wife, unless that was annulled by the part where he killed me with the poisoned Javelin thing.

I sort of miss him. ;_;

And I'm going off with my nephew now to check on those other-draft things and make sure Miss Elanor is okay. I think I may have convinced Amrod and possibly Amras to come along and help. It'll be just like the old days, hunting in Valinor, except with Gil-Galad instead of Celegorm and Huan... and we're looking for a hobbit to bring home safely, instead of animals to kill.
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Hello. [25 Aug 2002|03:42am]
Aredhel seems to have aquired a new mun.

Or been aquired by one. Whatever.

*flicks grapes at inactive husband and son*
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[04 Jul 2002|10:28pm]
Well, shit

Yeah, that about sums it up.
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[27 May 2002|11:36pm]
Why not go mad?
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[20 May 2002|01:33am]
*rides around*

*gets sorta-kinda-maybe forced into marring Dark Elf*

*tells son stories*

*runs off to Gondolin*

*hit by poisoned javelin*


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